Development Tools

These are the tools I've found or been referred to over the years. I hope they help you out.

Also, here's a short list of other developers who have lists of their favorite development tools: 
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O/S Virtual CloneDrive Works with Windows 7 and is freeware. Great to mount ISOs. 
Web MetaEdit 2.2 Allows you to view and edit IIS metabase 3.0, 4.0, and (not supported) 5.0/6.0. 
Architecture TopCoder UML Tool An UML Tool that's pretty and free. I love using it to think through the architectural design of an application. 
Font Proggy Clean Compact programmer font; I appreciate its presentation and have used it a lot in the past. 
Font Consolas Microsoft font; I'm currently using this one to constrast against Proggy Clean. 
Source Control TortioseSVN A SubVersion client; most notably known for its Windows Explorer integration. It's the best SubVersion client I've used to date. (I've tried a handful.) 
Source Control VisualSVN Server SubVersion Server provides an easy way to create and maintain SubVersion repositories. I'm using it at home and love it. 
Font 10 of the Best Programming Fonts A bunch of different fonts to use when programming. 
Social Networking TweekDeck Great tool to manage across multiple social oriented sites like twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. 
Architecture FreeMind Free. Mind map tool. 
IDE CodeRun Free, web-based, could IDE for C#/AJAX. 
Merge p4merge Merge tool. Used best as the merge tool for TortoiseHg or TortoiseSVN. 
Text Editor Notepad++ Free. Text editor. Very handy. Make sure you install the Explorer Plug-in and turn on Favorites. 
XPath XMLQuire One of the best XPath editors. Allows you to view an XML file and tweak the XPath then visual see the results. 
RDP Remote Desktop Connection Manager Microsoft tool to manage multiple RDP connections. Free. 
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